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Kingston: DDR5 Server is here! (Live webinar, March 14th 10:00 GMT)

Every 7 years or so – there comes a new generation of memory. And with DDR5, it is no different!
Last year we released our DDR5 DRAM for client systems – and now it’s time for server.

So, it’s probably a good idea to explain the benefits of DDR5 server memory. However, some are going to be using DDR4 memory for the foreseeable future. And given the two are not interchangeable – what should you do?

Well, in our latest Live webinar on March 14th at 10am GMT, we explain all – as Elliott Jones and Geoffrey Petit, give you insights into server DDR5, and what it means for your server environment.

Plus, we discuss:
• What are the drivers for using DDR5 server DRAM?
• What’s the situation on DDR4?
• Why you should be getting the most out of your existing infrastructure?

Plus, we’ll have our experts on hand to answer any questions you have!

Go here to register for the Webinar:

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ISPConnect en DHPA zijn nu Dutch Cloud Community

We zijn sinds januari 2021 gefuseerd tot de Dutch Cloud Community.

De fusie van ISPConnect en DHPA heeft plaatsgevonden om als nieuwe branchevereniging de belangen te behartigen voor de Nederlandse cloud-, hosting- en internetsector.

Al onze informatie vind je vanaf nu op dutchcloudcommunity.nl